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Coffee from the Block Interview - David Dias, Engineer by Training, Entrepreneur by Heart
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor Entrepreneur-Instigator


Técnico alumni involved in innovative cryptography project
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor
The Importance of Randomness in the Internet Age
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor


The libp2p overview and introduction talk
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor Libp2p Presentation
A tl;dr to InterPlanetary Linked Data
·350 words·2 mins
Engineer-Inventor IPLD IPFS


DEVCON 2 Shanghai - Libp2p ❤️ Ethereum. The Ethereum Server to Browser node interoperability through libp2p, the P2P Networking Stack
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor Ethereum Libp2p
webrtc-explorer - 2.0.0 alpha release
·681 words·4 mins
Engineer-Inventor WebRTC JavaScript


Stellar Module Management - Install your Node.js modules using IPFS
·797 words·4 mins
Engineer-Inventor IPFS NPM Module
ipscend - Publish static web content to IPFS
·559 words·3 mins
Engineer-Inventor IPFS
Idempotent encoders and decoders
·747 words·4 mins
Engineer-Inventor Codec