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browserCloud.js - A federated community cloud served by a P2P overlay network on top of the web platform
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor Paper
Node.js Streams applied - node-dirbuster case
·2407 words·12 mins
Engineer-Inventor Node.js Streams
webrtc-explorer - Next-gen Resource Discovery for decentralized browser networks
·255 words·2 mins
Engineer-Inventor WebRTC P2P Chord Resource Discovery


webrtc-ring - P2P Resource Discovery through WebRTC Connections
·2088 words·10 mins
Engineer-Inventor WebRTC Browser Web Platform P2P Raytracing
Get your feet wet with docker
·2192 words·11 mins
Engineer-Inventor Docker Node.js Meetup


Search engine for Politics Lovers
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor
padiFS - A flexible, p2p inspired, Distributed File System
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor
NearTweet - A Twitter clone for mobile mesh networks using Wifi P2P (later renamed to Wifi Direct)
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor


CloudWeather - Processing Weather Data on demand with AWS services
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor
Godfather - P2P based botnet using Pastry routing algorithm and Planet Lab decentralized network
Publications-Talks Engineer-Inventor P2P